Pro's & Cons of Stripping

Updated: May 8


  1. There is a serious amount of money to be made as an exotic dancer aka Stripper. Enough if spent wisely can change your life.

  2. Power. The control you have over man and boost yourself esteem through the roof, tease them, and toy with them.

  3. Excitement. This is exactly what’s missing in most people’s lives. The strip club is an endless well of stimulating stories. U create the dream packaged and sold.

  4. You will learn skills and things about life that you never thought existed. Working as a stripper will make you tough if you can conquer darkness and choose to let it ignite you.


  1. Stripping is a dangerous job. You can attract stalkers and obsessive personalities. It brings high risks.

  2. Germs. Stranger’s germs—an even bigger factor.

  3. Every profession requires an investment: costumes, stilettos, house fees, and essential safety supplies.

  4. Stripping is emotionally and physically exhausting.

  5. Working nights can age you (working in Yin time harms the body), and the club environment will disillusion you, make you look at the world differently.

  6. There is always the potential to not make a profit or end up in the negative at the end of your shift. So dress to impress and hone your skills.

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